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Royalty-Free collection of background music for commercial, business and editorial applications from Purple Planet Music. Our music can be used on websites, apps, videos and many more media projects.

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Company Info is a growing collection of pieces composed by Chris Martyn and Geoff Harvey of Purple Planet Music in Manchester, England. Licensing is available for virtually any conceivable use. The main purpose of the tracks on this site is to complement visuals in a wide variety of projects. Tracks are genearlly timed at between 30 and 90 seconds. All tracks are completely royalty-free and are not registered with Performing Rights Organisations, so we can guarentee that you will not be approached by third parties for future royalties. We supply a number of International brands in the retail and computing sectors as well as independent production companies.

All files are delivered as 320kbps mp3s. These are suitable for most applications, though for TV and radio broadcast clients are advised that the highest quality wav files are preferable. These can be supplied at no extra charge. Purchasers are welcome to email us to request wavs. For streaming video and integration into games and apps we recommend conversion to smaller 96kbps files. This bit-rate offers the best compromise between file size and sound quality.

Registration is not required on our site – and we do not share information with anyone else. As payments are handled through PayPal, we do not have access to any of your financial details, including credit card numbers.

All our music is composed in-house and is copyright Purple Planet Music. There are no other contributors so there is no possibility of third parties making copyright claims. Purchasers can be confident that we will not bother you with sales ‘newsletters’, spammy emails or other garbage. Our office in Manchester, England is manned during office hours and generally at weekends.

The term ‘background music’ generally refers to audio material that complements visuals. Please see our Effective Use guide. It is not designed to be perceived in isolation and should sit neatly within an audio mix so as not to distract from visuals and commentary.

Background Music for Media Production

All our music can be synced to pictures on video sites, including video channels that raise revenue from adverts such as the YouTube partner programme. Occasionally, 3rd parties lodge mistaken or bogus copyright claims against videos. If this occurs, please contact us and will will help the best we can.

Background Music for Presentations

Powerpoint Presentations are a popular form of presenting business information. Good practice is to use music that underscores the mood of the presentation rather than to follow the subject matter.

Background Music for Advertising and Corporate Use

Our tracks are primarily designed to support visuals in advertising. Music can be used with subtlety to give your viewers subliminal information about you and
your products. Many of our tracks are available in looped form. These single regions can be chained together to produce the effect of a continuous, seamless piece of music of any lenght.

Ambient Music

We have a selection of one minute themed segments and longer tracks (between 10 and 12 minutes). A specialist provider of this style of music is